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Hi everyone, today I decided to write a blogpost in English. Simply because I've noticed that currently not all of my viewers are Dutch, and I'm curious if this works a little better (excuse me for my grammar mistakes allready, I'll try my best haha). Without further ado, fridaynight I had my Christmas-prom. This year it was a bit different than usual, because I took part in the organisation. These Christmas-proms from the school I'm still attending are very well known among our city and region, which means that you really don't want to mess it up as a party committee. Organising caused a lot of stress, but it was also a very fun experience and I'm so happy with how it all turned out with the artists and stuff. Maybe I'll show you some party-pictures soon, if you'd like to see them. Today I'm showing you the dress that I was wearing during prom. I ordered it online at Missguided, a webshop where I'd never ordered clothes before. Overall I'm pretty contented about my order. Just to be sure I would 'say yess to the dress' I ordered three dresses, and they were delivered in two days precisely. What I love about this dress is the pattern on the body, the high neck and lacy details. The commentary I got on my dress was so sweet since I got a lot of compliments about it during the night.
Today I'll probably take some rest and do some Christmas-shopping maybe... Have a nice weekend! xoxo Isabella

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