Big sleeve trend obsession


Hi guys, today I want to share with you this new sweater that I bought last week. I was shopping for trousers, which I somehow seem to run out of every now and then, when I accidently found this enormous sweater with a huge discount on it. Lately I've been obsessed with blouses and tops with big sleeves, and these kind of clothes also pop up everywhere right now. I feel like it kind of came out of nowhere that now I suddenly find everything 'big sleeve' very cool looking. I've been looking for a piece that doesn't make me look like I'm ten pounds heavier than I actually am. Not that I'm complaining about my weight haha, but somehow a lot of these tops just don't look good at me at all. This sweater is perfect for me since it has the big sleeves and does not look too sloppy. Plus, it only cost me ten euros instead of thirty, which is the original pricing. Pretty good deal, right? If you're looking for a nice sweater, I would recommend you to check out your local H&M store since some of them have an amazing discount on their sweaters right now. What is your opinion about this 'big sleeve'-trend going on? Have a nice week! xoxo Isabella

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2 reacties

  1. Oh ik wil echt zo'n trui! Ik houd echt van die grote mouwen!